Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Random notes barely above ground

It seems as if there is a vast empty space hovering between my ears. The days trudge on like white chocolate elephants melting in the hot sun of no spring. I drink vitamin water and Guinness, i get root canals, my jaws ache, i take painkillers to ease the mind, i don't sleep, i listen to the wind, i watch the cats chase imaginary mice and wish it was that easy. I trim hedges and dream of rainforests, i sleep soundly at my desk at work, i drink milkshakes to ease the shakes of an existence spent wondering, wandering, squandering, i scratch my balls, i piss on my shorts, i water plants and smoke cigarettes in Jeffers screaming bloody hawk sunsets. There is junk and then there is junk, pile it high outside the door with ketchup and mustard, hold the pickle. Postmodern pisshead and the clean sheetz. Coming soon to a theatre near you.