Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Was planning on writing on all kinds of things tonight, mainly on Perry Farrell jumping the shark with this new band, going all John Lennon and having Mother Superior sing back-up vocals on what can only be described as a horrible pop album but instead i sat around listening to one of the most criminally underrated bands of all-time, that being the Afghan Whigs, that being Greg Dulli who was so pissed off at women that his songs literally drip venom, having been in his shoes i related quite well to these songs in my younger days, betrayed and betrayer, sinner and saviour, the man was so fucked that on recommendation from his therapist he actually stopped singing many of these songs, for the recording on My Curse he brought in a female vocalist because he couldn't bring himself to sing the words, that's how painful it was, fucking brilliant, you gotta love the ones who suffer for their art, least he still has both ears, but mainly after one to many beers and pissing around listening to different stuff i stumbled on to the Whigs again and sat around listening to the Roominghouse Hymns that brought me through my early twenties, from the stifling heat of an one-room upstairs Ocean City dive to the freezing floor of Pittsburgh tenement, the Whigs were there for every heartbreak and fuck-up, like a good friend, a good friend i was happy to stumble into again.

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