Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lou Reed is a Prick

Every one's favorite cool guy Lou Reed stopped in the Burgh recently to hawk his new coffee table photography book, of course Lou set up shop at the Warhol Museum, let people pay ridiculous amounts of money to hear the fucking genius speak and then let them pay more money to stand in line get his signature. Look man i spent a summer in Ocean City tripping my brains out to the VU and love 'em as much as the next PBR drinking hipster fuckhead, but when the man charges exorbitant amounts of money i begin to wonder what's up, same with the tai chi video he's currently selling, can't wait for the late night Lou Reed box set from AMCO records featuring special outtakes from Metal Machine Music ala the best of Jim Nabors aka Gomer Pyle, so according to all the papers if you got in line to get King Lou to sign something the only thing he would sign was his $50 coffee table book. Huh? I need to see another picture of New York City like i need an extra asshole on my forehead, FUCK YOU LOU, is that NYC enough for you, what a prick, last time i checked i wasn't into your photos maaaan, but your music and the last time i checked you haven't really made a decent album in thirty odd years, something to do with kicking all the talent out of the band (see John Cale, Mo Tucker, Sterling Morrison) so until you come out with the Lou Reed toilet paper or a Lou Reed coaster set you can take a walk on the wild side and suck my dick, you even ripped that title off from Nelson Algren you asshat. So Lou, just so you know, next time i feel like digging some VU or your mediocre to horrible solo shit i'll make sure someone burns it for me so you don't get a penny.

The only intriguing part of the night was that Dean Wareham of Luna was the guest DJ and no one has said a thing about it. I figured at least the music would of been decent.

The photo above is not actually Lou Reed, i was afraid he'd sue me.

Don't get me wrong either an artist has to make a living i just find it hard to believe that Lou is broke, maybe the cost of living in Manhattan is taking it's toll and he should look for a nice place in Hoboken.


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spanish tony said...

But Paul Newman's salad dressing rocks. It doesn't cover your salad in cheese and fries, so in my book, that's a bonus. Insofar as Lou Reed, well, he sounds like a whore. Have a lovely week

King Stahome said...

Hey cockhead. Since Niemi ain't giving outlets anymore. you're my rape case. happy lubing fuck hole.

drunk in black hills, SODAK

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