Tuesday, October 27, 2009

John Katie Holmes

That's going to be my Halloween costume and it may dovetail into a band if i can find some people to play some instruments, band name: Top Gun, works beautifully on so many levels, yes a combo of Tom Cruise's wife and the greatest porn star of all time, i know some of you are pissed you didn't think of it but won't the neighbors be fucking gobsmacked when i take Kid A around for his treats to see daddy in a dress and heels while still rocking the lambchop sideburns, this could turn out to be a documentary or the most interesting night i'll ever spend in jail.


Anonymous said...

never mind the fact that your dong will be sweeping the leaves off their front porches!

twin said...

awesome! please post pics after the trickery treat has transpired. :)

Rassles said...

Oh yeah? Oh YEAH?

I'm gonna be Carmen Sandiego.

Anonymous said...

we want pictures of THAT too Rassles

Le Meems said...


I was Bunnicula courtesy of Rassles. VAmpie Bunnies are awesome.