Thursday, December 18, 2008

Row D, Seat 8

Two months to Mozzer's new album and three months until he plays the Burgh, or at least so he says cuz he does have a funny habit of cancelling at the last minute but since he's now name checked this fair city in a song i have a feeling he's gonna show... and i'm gonna be fucking right there front and center smiling like a gigantic fool.


Gulfboot Johnson said...

I've been waiting for this post.

Well done you big hairy gay.

Unknown said...

Don't forget your skin tight pants so Mr. Moz can see your "excitement".

Anonymous said...

lucky you!

(chuckling at matthew's comment)

Anonymous said...

Merry just after Christmas!

spanish tony said...

Miserable Manc Cunt

spanish tony said...

That was a 'describe yourself in three words exercise' – your turn!

Kono said...

so many to choose from Spanish

drunk drug addict
father of year
King, North Oakland
right loaded geezer
fertile fucking goat
socially ambivilent misanthrope

spanish tony said...