Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't Call it a Comeback

I'm a lazy fucker, seriously, i planned on re-arranging things about a month ago, move shit around, clean out the house, throw out a bunch of accumulated crap, move the only working interweb machine and shit but sometimes i get sidetracked by booze and drugs and 2 year old imaginary boys, fucking hot dog stands and milkshakes also make me lazy but fear not kids cuz i plan on making some posts with a bit more regularity and i promise no more horribly depressing and dull bullshit about my life, no i'm all about the cultural theory and shit now, so unless my cats go south and they are all quite healthy and young there will be no crying the beer in this fucking lounge. Coming soon... the real meaning of Jaws. James Todd Smith is stoked.

1 comment:

Kevin Sousa said...

it's about fucking time.