Sunday, May 18, 2008

This Man Knows Sacrifice

Slow days here at the lounge but i did hear an interesting bit of news this week, it appears the esteemed Prez. of the Religious Fanatics of America gave up golf at the start of the I-rack war cuz it just wouldn't be right to be playing golf while young men and women were being maimed and killed. Hmmm, my response, What a fucking clown. Did it ever occur to the Boy Wonder that if he hadn't trumped up a bunch of fibs as they say in good ole Tex-ass, that maybe said men and women wouldn't be getting killed and maimed? Probably not, see Georgie would not be served here at the Asshat Lounge because we don't have non-alcoholic beer or decaf coffee, though if he scraped the top of the toilet enough he might find enough of his favorite vice to catch a nice buzz, but we would give him a free Asshat shirt cuz the man has pretty much cornered the market on Moron here in the states, the best part though is that when this came out in one of his staged press conferences, the suddenly out for blood media jumped all over it and found pictures of him playing golf after the war started. A nice hand to the Fourth Estate for jumping on that one while they all when all this shit went down they all stuck their thumbs up their asses and beat the drums for war in the name of patriotism. I'm with Ben Franklin when i say that freedom is all about dissension and the dissenters, so the media finds a backbone suddenly, big deal, they can fuck themselves along with all the wonderful registered voters here in this fine country who pulled the lever for the clown in the picture. When history teaches about the downfall of the American Empire they will need to look no further than Boy George and the reasons will fill up more text books than we can possibly imagine. To call this administration inept would be a compliment.

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