Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Here's to the Hard-On

As i sat on the couch losing money on the horses last saturday it struck me funny that almost ever commercial break included ads for the dreaded ED or erectile dysfunction, as i sat losing money( though i did cash a ticket by picking the show horse or for the lay person, the one that finished 3rd) i was glad that i could still sport wood at will, i guess i never thought much about it except when getting hard-ons at inopportune moments like say walking to work and staring at some lovely lovely strolling in front of me, i figured that in the last half of my third decade the plumbing was working quite well, in fact maybe to well, i mean how many guys my age still get the freebie every now and then, i.e. nocturnal emission, i mean lately my mornings have consisted of getting ridiculously high, walking to work, falling in love with some random woman on the street and using my vivid imagination to consummate that fantasy once i get to work, there's really nothing better than rubbing one out on the clock, so as the title says here's to the Hard-On and the fact he can still get up on his own without the aid of chemistry, and really with amount of chemicals i ingest i really don't think i need anymore. cheers.


Anonymous said...


The Almighty approves.

Kono said...

Jim Goad, isn't that the cat you were telling me about? either way the article is fucking brilliant. Glad the Almight approves as well.

Anonymous said...

Jim Goad IS The Almighty.