Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let there be Rock

Well it's been a bit stressed here in the lounge lately, we got imaginary boys who don't like to sleep through the night anymore, stressed out girl worrying about her dying mother, the economy's in the shitter and when things get like this what this man needs is a good old fashion rock and roll show and fuck if i didn't get one on tuesday night courtesy of the absolutely great Drive-By Truckers, outta hand, blew my doors off, almost 3 hours worth of kick ass music and this was like the 5th time or some shit that i've seen them...

got lit up on PBR's, Parliament cigs, vitamins and some free whiskey courtesy of the Redneck Hippie in a straw cowboy hat and AC/DC shirt, danced, sang, yelled at Mike Cooley that he was the coolest motherfucker in rock, had tears in my eyes when Patterson Hood told the story about his mom's husband Chester during 18 Wheels of Love, a song he wrote for both as a wedding present years ago when he was broke, fucking hell man it was beautiful and yes i paid the price the next morning but it was worth every second, got a couple of free drinks from the Teacher and his pals, bought a shirt that says Daddy Need a Drink, hung out with Whiskey D. from the Unified Scene, managed to get home in one piece and in general was on cloud nine with a wicked hangover the next day but like i said it was worth every second, so the highlights cuz i have no clue the order of the setlist...

Opened with Women Without Whiskey and went right into Sinkhole followed shortly thereafter with A Ghost to Most, now that's three of my favorite songs in the first 4 so i knew this was gonna be good, other favorites-- The Company I Keep, The Man I Shot, Lisa's Birthday, You and Your Crystal Meth, Where the Devil Won't Stay, 18 (Alice Cooper cover), Zip City into Let There Be Rock right before the encore, two more kick ass songs that usually are the encore, Shut Up and Get on the Plane, 3 Dimes Down, The Righteous Path, Buttholeville, shit i know i'm forgetting some but you get the picture, it kicked ass.


Kono said...

add to that list Putting People on the Moon, Lookout Mountain the Righteous Path and Dead, Drunk and Naked, along with Shonna Tucker belting out a beautiful version of I'm Sorry Huston, shit yeah, 3 days later and i'm still stoked.

ItWasInevitable said...

Yep, great show. Do they typically cover "18?" That was fucking amazing.

Thanks for the shout-out.