Thursday, March 20, 2008

By the People, For the People, Fuck the People

While the media monkeys all chase around assorted candidates it seems King Dick and Prince George are having a grand old time living in fantasyland, seems last week when Georgie was alerted to the fact that gas was going to hit $4.00 a gallon his response was a smirking "really, who said, i hadn't heard that", well of course you didn't you muppet we all know you don't read the paper, christ that would be like living in the real world now wouldn't it?

So while one wouldn't think it could get worse it does, see the King and his pet boy rolled out the spin machine to let the country know that all is well in I-rack, yes the overtaxed military, the fucked up infrastructure, the training ground for bad guys, the new Afghanistan (unlike the old one that helped bring down the Soviet empire before of course we made them rich again by sending oil prices skyrocketing) it's all fucking cheese man, everything's great, we're winning, we're staying the course, no cut and run pussies here, well my question is what the fuck happened to Mission Accomplished? or is that just the new Tom Cruise Scientology flick where aliens fly out our assholes and we all realize what a genius L. Ron or Zod or whatever his name was...

My favorite part though was when the media monkeys asked King Dick about the public's ever so popular opinion that this whole little excursion is a fucking mess and his response was "So." i have a feeling the media actually left out the rest of the quote which went something like, "i'm the fucking dark lord and who gives a fuck what the peasants think, don't they know i can raise my robotic right hand and cut off their air" and so there you have the last 7+ years in a nutshell, now correct me if i'm wrong but don't those rules written on old paper and kept under special lights state that like uh the governments job is to do the will of the people and when the people sorta collectively agree on something that it should get done or did i completely miss the point in Civics class, granted i may have been stoned but i believe Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau were also hop-heads, essentially what King Dick is saying is go fuck yourself, i'm in charge and i make the rules and i obviously know better, fuck i kept myself outta Nam cuz i had better things to do so you tell me who the idiot is... gorgeous, the men a bunch of right wing christian fanatics who like to watch the home shopping network and the 700 club elected effectively pissed on the basis of what this country was founded on...

Well kids i think it's time someone got the pet boy a fiddle cuz i think Rome might just be burning.

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