Thursday, March 13, 2008

Everything you'll ever need to know

Hank Bukowski once said everything you'll ever need to learn can be learned by sitting on your front porch, stoop, etc. and being one who has sat on many porches and watched the world dawdle past i can attest that this is somewhat true, but if you really want to know how to get along in this world i suggest you toss out all the books written by Tony Robbins and Joel Osteen and Rick Warren and read this man, Theodor Seuss Geisel, you may recognize the name and i'm sure you've read some of his work, the man may be the only great writer this country called America ever produced, sure we've had some fine one's but Ted here can break down the whole premise of For Whom the Bell Tolls and the lessons in it in roughly six pages of great illustrations and 20 odd lines...

See i just got done putting the Imaginary Boy to bed and though lately he likes to put up a fight tonight i read him Oh The Places You'll Go and i don't know if it was something in my voice or he could tell i was thoroughly enjoying it that made him sit very still and listen and look, actually i think it was the rhythm and meaning of the words and as i put him to sleep certain lines kept creeping into my head, a simple book that summed up life and how to get through it, the tough times and the good times, the lonely times and the happy times, shit the man's just a genius and there's really not much else to say... so next time you need some guidance i'd pick up a book by Dr. Seuss, that cat knew what the hell he was talking about.


Anonymous said...

Ella is a big fan of "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish."

Gulfboot Johnson said...

If only we'd known this talent of yours for sending people to sleep all the times I'd been wired on the medicine.

Can you send me a CD of you reading this stuff?

spanish tony said...

yeah can I have some too, this five hours a night while sober is a fucking drag.


ItWasInevitable said...

Any chance I'll run into you tomorrow night at the DBT show? I'll be wearing my Unified Scene shirt. Yes, I will.


Kono said...

yeah there's a good chance, missed 'em last time and have been itching to see them again, hopefully i can get a ticket at the door, i'll be wearing Pabst Blue Ribbon and Parliament cigarettes.