Monday, December 10, 2007

Required Reading

May i suggest that everyone revisit the old high school favorite, read carefully and think about the last 7 years and please try not to shit yourself, don't worry if your phone is bugged, don't worry that the neighbors may turn you in for actions detrimental to the state, don't worry that you may end up in a locked room being beaten and electrocuted and asked questions that you don't have the answers to because with enough voltage you will discover the answers in the recesses of the subconscious, don't eat more chocolate than you are rationed, make sure you consume cuz consuming supports the powers that be and it would be unpatriotic not to do so, remember that history is in constant flux and what was in the history books yesterday may be redacted and corrected today, remember that enemies of the state are in constant motion meaning they may change names and locations but they are still the enemy until of course they become our ally and the history books must then be changed, think pure thoughts and do not question, there are smarter people in higher places who know whats good for you, relax Winston, everything is going to be fine.


Anonymous said...

"....relax Winston, everything is going to be fine."

Um, ok!

Captain Spatchcock said...

If you don't like the reading, you can always listen to side 2 of Bowie's Diamond Dogs. The songs are lifted from a botched attempt to stage a musical version of 1984 on roller-skates.

spanish tony said...

I recommend you read 'Hapyslapped by a Jellyfish' by Karl Pilkington, a much lighter read I think you'll agree.

Anonymous said...

Post more stuff! NOW!