Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Oh i hope somebody put money down on this, i even had the first goalscorer, fucking-a fucking-a fucking-a, had this not come one day after my b-day double drunk i'd be at the bar right now, instead i'm eating vitamins and having a nice glass of SCOTCH, the drink of me fuckin' ancestors, but just one glass cuz as Katrina and the Waves once said "I'm walking on fucking sunshine", here's to ya Faddy you seem to be the master of brilliant goals, here's to you Alex Mcleish, here's to yinz The Tartan Army, what a great fucking day, the stupid Americans don't get the fitba, what a shame cuz i feel like i just won the world (ahem) series, super bowl and found a whole bunch of drugs on the sidewalk, if it wasn't for a chance meeting with that brilliant boy at the Toxic Towers my life would lack the glorious, wonderful, heartbreaking world of the fitba, so here's to you to J., you were complicit in creating this football mad septic tank and i could never thank you enough for it. Oh did i mention Scotland 1 - France 0. Yeeeeeaaaahhh!!!!

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