Sunday, May 13, 2007

Methadone and Cherrios

If by chance you find yourself sitting around some non-descript saturday night whacked on methadone and eating cherrios sprinkled with sugar, do not worry. Apparently it happens all the time all over the world and since Cherrios lower your cholesterol and the scientists really have found no harmful effects of opiates on the human body, barring addiction of course, this meal may become the dinner of champions. You can flip through the channels watching cut-up versions of Kill Bill vol. 1&2, you can nod off during Saturday Night Fever amazed at how this movie made any money whatsoever, it was basically a course study in white people dancing badly, you can sit on your steps and smoke cigarettes and feel the cool spring breeze, staring at the glowing ash at the end of your fingertips, wondering what it's like in the crowded bars, in the dance clubs, happy that you can hear only the rustle of the shrubs and the occasional over-amped stereo, you can attempt to read a well known novel by a famous Italian author, you can dream all night but not really sleep, you can watch the cats and they can watch you and you can pour yourself another bowl and sprinkle sugar on top.

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