Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Random Notes barely Above Ground Pt. 3

The Shadyside supermarket has become a haven for indie rock chicks all sporting the latest fashions of indie rockness, and though i do listen to this type of music the fashion statements made by these folks can, well, suck it. Yes that means you Julian Casablancas and Alexander McQueen. Fashion in general is a bit dodgy is you ask me and i'm sure there are right wing christians who say the same about alot of art but... with all apologies to Joe, Mick, Paul and Topper...

"Indie chicks in the supermarket

i can no longer shop happily

they come here in there stupid boots

i believe they do it to annoy just me..." to be cont.

It's now been five days since my last shower and over three weeks since i last shaved. The Geico cavemen have nothing on me and i would love to feel the warm water of the shower beating over me except for the sick, little boy who lives with me... one can only guess if he exists or lives only in my head.

Apparently this chick in the picture died sometime last week. I'm not sure if she saved the whales, adopted kids from third world countries or just had big, fake cans, either way i've seen her way to much. The sweatpants whores on Butler St. don't get this much attention when they turn up O.D'd next to a dumpster so why should she?

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