Monday, August 14, 2017

Holidays in the Sun (photo edition) Part 2

del Morro (cemetery)

del Morro

what's changed?


the street cats of Old San Juan

more street cats of Old San Juan

250th celebration statue

I don't dig religion... but i do dig religious iconography...

personal favorite (cathedral San Juan Bautista)

still hasn't found what he's looking for 
(cathedral San Juan Bautista)

hippie (cathedral San Juan Bautista)

St. Pius (cathedral San Juan Bautista)

Legend (Condado Walk of Fame)

local business


looby said...

Those cats look remarkably well-fed for alley cats!

And that's some full-on Catholic iconography. Always looks a bit homoerotic to me as well.

Kono said...

looby- amazingly they're all stray cats that live on the streets near this park, they do have a little shelter there that takes care of them and you can even adopt them if you want, made a donation to the place to help feed them...and i agree there is a definite homo-erotic component to pieces of religious art, i find the picture of the native fascinating, he's very calm for having multiple arrows stuck in him...