Thursday, August 10, 2017

Holidays in the Sun (photo edition) Part 1


Fishing village near Fajardo (taken from the balcony) 

Fishing village at night

Luquillo Beach

mind at ease

World Famous

Waterfall (i swam under)


boyos in natural habitat (Luquillo Beach)

Welcome to San Juan
(view from the balcony)

Home of the Whopper


Exile on Pain Street said...

Your boys are lucky to be exposed to that at such an early age. It'll give them a world view. I didn't see jack-all until I was 20.

Kono said...

Exile- I'm hoping seeing these things help them realize that not all kids their age get to see these things... problems of the first worlders.

looby said...

Always great to see a photo blog. Your boys are the stars of course -- they look like they've been living the outdoor southern Latino life all their lives! Give them a couple of years and they'll be in the rum shack with the best of them :)

Kono said...

looby- gracias, the boyos love the water, believe they may have inherited that up from their old man... and that younger one likes drinking my beer every time i set it down, i'm gonna have to keep an eye on that one ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy to see those smiling kids on a beach! i'm not quite back yet - but have a few moments to try to catch up with some of my blogmates...