Thursday, August 23, 2012

Band Of Horses, Tuesday Night

You know i like to take care of the three or so readers i have so since the girl wrote a damn fine post the other day i figured in my own stoned way that this song somehow fit the bill, sorta ties into it, a somewhat joyful and melancholy take on the ridiculousness of life and relationships and all that shit, so here you go Rachel.... enjoy.

and no i didn't shoot this footage, i'm to busy getting wasted and singing though during this song i did notice an inordinate amount of young love being shared and since i didn't have anyone to hug or kiss i gripped that 24oz Molson just a bit tighter and professed my love as i poured her down my throat.


The Unbearable Banishment said...

A fella can love a Molson. Or a Labatt's Blue or Green is she's not around. They don't demand fidelity.

Diary of Why said...

You've made my morning, Kono. There was a time about five years ago when I listened to that song over and over and over again and sobbed petulantly thinking how true it all was. I even remember writing the lyrics down in my journal like some stupid emo teenager, instead of a twenty-seven year-old who really should have known better.

Ah, memories. Thanks, Kono. :)

charlotte said...

This song is amazing, i also recommend checking out Band of Horses' new Knock Knock video, i just think its really fun: Can't for Mirage Rock to come out