Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've been listening to this album for awhile now and you know what? i fucking dig it, i like the fact that two hipster kids from Brooklyn decided that they could start a band with no musical experience whatsoever, Kim learned drums, Matt learned keyboard and away they went, they make what appears to be happy music but some of it is a bit dark, not say Joy Division dark but maybe grappling with some of the deeper issues of the post modern hipster set, i don't give a shit, i like it, it makes me wonder what would've happened had the Limey and i ever lived in the same city for extended period of time, i'm sure we would've been like "fuck we can do this" and if we could put aside the ale and drugs for a week or two (or maybe not) we'd be in business, the main problem would be who would sing seeing as we are both great showmen in the karaoke rock star sense, i think i would have to play the drums though so i could loom large over a small kit ala Russell Simmons in the Blues Explosion and bash out happy tunes co-written by the post apocalyptic Lennon and Macca i.e. Limey and Kono, I'll let him be John and i'll be the walrus or at least the guy who sings with plastic surgery pedophile freaks... or maybe not, ideally we would both take turns on lead vocals and harmonize like a mushroomed up version of the Beach Boys or possibly Ween and at the end of the day we would play the back room dives of Ibiza and Goa or some such shit so that we could have a massive meltdown on stage when the Kono ingests to much fungus and the Limey to much expensive red wine or better yet we'd both end up like Elvis giggling are fat arses through a x-mas carol. Ahh dreams. Anyway. i dig this album.

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