Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Happy 50th Mozzer

23 or so years ago i was laying is some horrible suburban mall feeling ill while my mother and sister shopped, the only reason i remember this is because that was the day i bought the Smiths Louder than Bombs on cassette, to dial a cliche, that day changed my life... yes Mozzer and me have been hanging out for over two decades now, through good times and bad, in bed with women, in bed alone, in bed with my right hand or sometimes my left and though the world may be filled with crashing bores Steven Patrick Morrissey is not one of them, someday i might even get around to posting about what i affectionately call the St. Patty's Day massacre here in the burgh when Mozzer tore the fucking house down and everyone except the assholes next to me left smiling but today is about wishing the Moz happy 50th, it's rare that you get to enjoy an artist as much as i've enjoyed him, so thanks Mozzer, hopefully there's many more... and while i was trying to figure out a top ten Morrissey/Smiths songs i gave up cuz there's just no fucking way, i like em all to much... so in no particular order i give you the Mozzer solo list...
Seasick, Yet Still Docked
National Front Disco
Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself
Bengali in Platforms
It's Not Your Birthday Anymore
Jack the Ripper
Now My Heart is Full
You're the One for me Fatty
My Love Life
Life is a Pigsty
There's a Place in Hell for me and my Friends
I'm the End of the Line
Late Night, Maudlin Street
Interesting Drug
Hairdresser on Fire
First of the Gang to Die
and to many others to mention, though that list would make a good start for the uninitiated.


daisyfae said...

mmmmmm..... tasty....

nursemyra said...

he's still got it

Gulfboot Johnson said...

I'm going to see him on Thursday and Friday at Brixton.

Gulfboot Johnson said...

The knob-jockey's cancelled tonight's show and there's doubts over the weekend's shows.

He's always ill that lad. He needs a meat pie or the occasional hamburger.

Kono said...

He'll make Bricks-ton, bigger show, 2 nights, he'll make it you wait and see, he needs to start spacing out his dates and doing shorter tours, i don't think his voice can hold up and he's attempting to tour for 8 months or some shit. course he could use a bacon burger.

Gulfboot Johnson said...

Bob Dylan is 67 and tours all the time. Morrissey is just lazy. Which is fine. But irritating when I've spent £140 on shows. Fat tart.

Kono said...

Dylan is a grizzled old merkin, thinks he's a fucking cowboy and shit living on the frontier, like a shark when if he stops moving he starts dying... Mozzer on the other hand is a poofty Manc type who wants to sit in his room moping about the weather while listening to the New York Dolls and watching Shelagh Delaney films... and i must admit if you don't like gambling you shouldn't buy tickets cuz i kept my fingers crossed both times that somebody wouldn't fart on the tour bus causing a breakdown so that he couldn't perform, it's like betting the ponies except this time it's a chubby veg head, though when you get up close he may be the most beautiful man i've ever seen, i can't slag him for more than a sentence or two, i'm to much in love.

Kono said...

oh yeah don't have any email at home for another day or two, then all should be kosher.

Blues said...

great post. Love him too.