Sunday, May 20, 2007

Morrissey Set List Cleveland 5/17/2007

The Queen is Dead/ First of the Gang to Die/ The Youngest was the Most Loved/ You Have Killed Me/ Disappointed/ Panic/ Let Me Kiss You/ I Just Want to see the Boy Happy/ I'll See You in Far Off Places/ National Front Disco/ At Last I am Born/ Irish Blood, English Heart/ All You Need is Me (new song)/ I've Changed My Plea to Guilty/ The Boy With the Thorn in his Side/ Drive-in Saturday (Bowie cover)/ Everyday is Like Sunday/ Ganglord/ Life is a Pigsty/ How Soon is Now/ encore--
Please,Please,Please let me get what i want/ You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side

That's the show in order, fucking brilliant doesn't do it justice, the crowd was pretty good overall except in my section where they all sat on their hands getting misty eyed, i moved to the aisle where i pulled out all the best dance moves of Manchester -- Bez, Ian Brown, young Moz, jumped around like a monkey, hugged people i didn't know, danced with pretty women, sang at the top of my lungs, yes it was pretty much the closest i've been to a religious experience in a long time, the show opening was excellent with some tape loop playing and spouting words and images, apparently there's a title to this piece i just don't know it, then the bells, then Moz and band breaking straight into the Queen is dead-- Charles don't you ever crave/ to appear on the front of the daily mail/ dressed in your mother's bridal veil. I was smiling from ear to ear and spilling beer on myself to make sure i hadn't died and gone to heaven. All the Smiths tunes were highlights as well as the Bowie cover- it's a crash course for the ravers- go on Mozzer, Everyday is like Sunday, Life is a Pigsty and of course National Front Disco had me falling down the steps with joy.

The hometown was great and the people friendly as always, Johnnie and Leon were top notch and in there 50's there to see the man, The Alabama 3 aka the Johnny from London, his girl and Arthur, who looked alot like the dad from the OC, my dance partner in the green dress, the brother and sister i shared beers with, the young kid in the lobby who sang Smiths songs with me as a crowd gathered. Fucking top night on the Jack Jones and one of the best shows of my life. I'd like to do it again soon but these things don't come along everyday, the stars need to align just right, the beer cold, the smokes smooth, the night air just right. Fucking existence is grand.

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