Friday, May 25, 2007

Drawing a blank

Not much happening at the lounge these days, have made some great revelations while walking through downtown but always seem to forget by the time i get back to work, hmm maybe i shouldn't stop at the bar in between, though i've discoverd a secret chapel hidden on top of the building next to the Omni William Penn hotel, i figure it's where the Knights of the Templar or the Illuminati hang out chasing ghosts and hosting strange rituals not unlike the scene in Kulbrick's Eyes Wide Shut, you know the scene so i won't explain but if you don't it involves alot of buggering, still recovering i believe from last weekend and spent the week almost entirely drink and drug free, did watch a bunch of kids playing while i blasted "Bring on the Dancing Horses" by Echo and Bunnymen and realized life is mashed potato's and gravy when your a kid and shit sandwiches as an adult. yum yum. So i quote the great Robert Pollard in asking "How's my drinking?"

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