Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Who the fuck was Jethro Tull anyway

I've never had a job that required me to wear a tie,
i've worked in 140 degree heat and sub zero temps
i haven't owned a suit since i was in high school,
i was once a brilliant businessman but cant put
it on a resume,
i've been a face and a player,
acted tougher than i am and gotten away with it,
i've been teary-eyed, bleary-eyed and weary eyed over a woman
have returned the favor a dozen times over,
i was once a horrible poet who plagiurized at will,
cept for the one about Robinson Jeffers
and his blood red hawks,
that one was actually good,
i'm a sucker for the sunsets but only like the sunrise if i've been up all night,
i've been stoned in Amsterdam, drunk in Paris and both in our nations capitol,
watched the ocean through a hallucinogenic haze amazed at the sound of where the water met the land,
i've lived in dive bars with the losers
and count myself among their ranks,
been saved by rock-n-roll played on jukeboxes
with someone else's money,
lived in roominghouses, whorehouses
and houses falling down,
been an asshole, idiot, genius, businessman, fry maker, box mover, unloaded trucks and stole what i liked, changed light bulbs, worked the mini-mart,
i've robbed the rich so i could eat at night
and worked with the poor, unstable, wastoids
so we could do the same,
in the words of Willy Vlautin,
i've don't amount to much and i guess i never will,
but that's not necessarilly a bad thing
in this day and age,
so i'll smile at the people who pour my drinks
and the boys who run the drugs
smoking cigarettes and staring off into space
not dwelling, to much, on what is or what it was.

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