Sunday, April 29, 2007


Lesbian Warlords
Apocalypse Clowns
Thespian Avenger
Man on Dog -- for Rick Santorum
The Rat's out of the bag

side note-- the other night i turned on VH1's classic albums, mainly out of exhaustion and boredom, mind you i was sober, i was hoping for Pink Floyd or Cream or the Band, but what did i get? PhilfuckingCollins, yeah man, let me tell you, you know your mind is completely fucked when you suddenly become enrapt in the story of "In the Air" came about, I believe Phil's quote was "wasn't anything special just me sitting round me room writin bits and bobs." Needless to say i watched the same drum part over and over again, you know the one, do-do-do-do-dododododo i can feel it coming in the air tonight oh no, this went on for some time and i'm not sure if there's even another song on the album, i was really hoping to get the back story on Su-su-sudio but i didn't make it that far.

This did spur the idea in my head to make the Ultimate Miami Vice-Cocaine mix tape and no Clapton wouldn't make the cut. Phil Collins would though cuz you know you want to cruise around in a convertible with the top down and an expensive hooker doing blow out of one of those swanky little metal things rich people do blow out of expressly so they can ride around in convertibles. Sister Christian would make the cut, as would Smuggler's Blues, maybe Hotel California, somehow Fleetwood Mac would have to make it on there as well and something from the Stones. Any more top quality 80s/Vice/Blow songs would be appreciated, so send a SASE to...


Gulfboot Johnson said...

Please give me the full track listing and I will make that CD and play it all summer.


Gulfboot Johnson said...

Diggin' Your Scene - Blow Monkeys