Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Random Notes Barely above Ground pt. 2

Well i was about to post the first installment of Revisionist History but something went haywire and the whole second section was deleted and it will be written another time... fucking technology can suck it.

Need to get one of those newfangled camera phones cuz today Pittsburgh's own Billy Idol was crossing the street with me. This woman had the Billy Idol hair and was wearing those old stirrup pants from the 80's and some kicking black leather boots. I wanted to ask her if "last night a little dancer came dancing at her door."

Would also like to know what's up with the Indie Rock Ear Muff craze sweeping my fair city. The indie kids must not want to mess up their messed up hair by wearing a hat.

Also decided i need an I-pod (which relates somewhat back to Billy Idol) cuz as i walked into work i couldn't help but notice the dread on the faces of the proles, lumpen-proles, and the middle managers. I've decided if i had a I-pod i could randomly sing out certain lines from songs but only one line at a time of course not the whole thing, just to bring a little joy and confuse the piss out of these people... example 1 of course is Billy Idol which i guess i could of sang anyway but pussied out. Other examples... and just for fun see if you can guess the song... WOWEE!!!! interactive blogging yinz...

"England for the English, Enggggland for the English."
"I don't want the world, i just want your half."
"My Maserati does 185, I lost my license now i don't drive."
"Well i smoked alot of grass, I popped alot of pills."
"People like you have it easy, abandoned to soon."
"If it wasn't for nips being so good at building ships, the yards would still be open on the Tyne."
"Take your money and your druaaaaaaaaugs."
"Bruce Berry was a workin man he used to load that econoline."
"And your the only one who laughs at my jokes and there always bad."
"When you clean out the hive, does it make you wanna cry, like your still bein followed by the teenage FBI." you get the gist.

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Gulfboot Johnson said...


First song is Moz.

I'll ID them all if necessary.