Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Revisionist History - Podunk Summer pt. 5

 For the most part, at this particular time of my existence, i was an asshole... as often stated it could be debated if that has changed much in the ensuing years but at this particular juncture in the Kono Chronicles i most definitely was... i really wasn't all that concerned with anyone's needs other than my own and so i waited not so patiently for Cherry to arrive. When i heard a car on the gravel outside my place i walked over to the window to see that familiar mane of red hair getting out of her car wearing her black sunglasses, shorts and a t-shirt, an overnight bag slung over her shoulder, things were looking up... particularly for John Thursday, a name pilfered from one Henry Miller that i often applied to my dick the same way he did... sometimes it was a miracle that our young protagonist could fit himself through the door his ego was so massive. There was a knock and i raced down the steps. 

I opened the door of the dark and dank hallway, there was a litter box nearby for Hate the Cat, we embraced and kissed and i led Cherry up the steps and showed her the current palace, a three bedroom college tenement with the bedrooms and kitchen up the stairs to the left and to the right a couple of extra rooms mainly used for drinking and drugging and the occasional movie popped in the VCR, the stereo was centrally located with speakers positioned so that the whole place was wired for sound. Cherry got the nickel tour that ended in my bedroom. surprise surprise, where i helped set down her bag and immediately began kissing her while i manouvered her to the bed which we fell into while we clumsily undressed each other. Of course once again it was about that massive ego as i went to work putting in a quality shift that was more for, you guessed it, my enormous ego than for Cherry's actual pleasure, though i guess it could be said that the ego did help my lady friend out in the pleasure department but make no mistake, it was more for me than for her. 

Of course what i didn't take into account was the fact i had booze on my breath and reeked of weed and went into a ritual rutting like the aforementioned Cro-Mag, (insert grunting sounds here.)  In my warped sense of reality i believed that she was under the same frame of mind i was and that getting to the fucking was of the utmost importance. Once finished we lay there while i tried to not fall asleep but soon did doze off while Cherry got dressed and left the room. When i awoke an hour or so later i could here the laughter and music coming from outside my door. A few people had shown up as it seemed we'd be having a little party here above the gas station. Audio (my friend and roommate for the summer) had pilfered some steaks from the place he worked and was going to grill them up, the fridge was stocked with Blatz, a large joint was being passed, it was going to be a fine early summer night. 

Except for the fact i can be a fucking dickhead. My running mate JD had shown up, also a ginger, and he was putting all his attention towards Cherry. I gave her a cocked eyebrow and went about the business of helping Audio, dubbed so for his technical prowess, which really meant i opened beers and packed bowls. Cherry meanwhile was reveling in the attention which was slowly starting to get on my fucking nerves. Being summer and with a distinct lack of students there were only about eight of us there in total and of those eight, two were female. The Doctor was wooing his blonde co-worker while i hung around Cherry who was getting a little too flirty with JD for my liking. Things went on like this for a few hours before we got word that there was another party going down at some frat house and so we all walked the few blocks only to find out that the party was really nothing more than a couple of frat brothers and a keg who were hoping that some girls might show up... and while they weren't exactly thrilled to see a the five of us who had arrived, they were at least happy that we'd brought at least one girl with us, until they realized she was with me or possibly JD because the flirting had kicked up another level. 

The massive ego was taking a bit of a beating which in turn leads to the famous acid tongue that seems to be a genetic trait that is passed down on my father's side of the family. Soon my little barbs began flying and at one point i had mentioned maybe Cherry would like to grab her stuff from my place and drive it over to JD's for the duration, i'd had my turn. Now had this been a normal party i'd have turned my attention to a new girl and began showering said girl with my undivided attention. Since there were really none to shower attention on i was stuck but at this point Cherry could tell i was none to amused by the endless bullshit with JD. JD was one of the guys i ran with, a rich kid from a small town, who was great to party with but when it came to women one could trust him roughly about as far as you could throw him, which oddly was a lot like our protagonist here. Cherry then pulled me into a corner and kissed me and told me i needed to relax to which i replied i didn't have her come up her to endlessly flirt with my friends and that if she wanted to fuck him go right ahead. She calmly said i was an asshole and that we should leave, just her and i, and so we did and began walking back to my place. 

We made our exit and walked up the long hill back towards Main St. where we made a left and then headed towards my apartment. It was a slow walk and we discussed the state of things and once again she explained that this was it. She would not be coming back again this summer and that this was goodbye and that between now and the morning we should just enjoy ourselves. Her emotional intelligence was far more advanced than mine and so she took my had as we walked home and shared a cigarette. Once we got back she didn't say a word as she led me back to my room and shut the door. We'd spend the last hours of our relationship naked and rolling about between intermittent rounds of sleep. 

In the morning she got up and quietly packed while i lay half asleep in my rented bed. She leaned over me and kissed my head and told me she was leaving. I got up and threw on some shorts and shoes and walked her down to her car. Knowing what i know now in the sometimes disastrous world of relationships it was obvious that she had already closed this book and moved on, i mean she had already stated this once but it seemed i was a slow learner. I asked sheepishly if she'd think about coming back and she stated very matter of factly, no. This was it, she wanted to see me one last time just to make sure it was over and after last night she was sure, she told me after the first hour she knew it was finished and she decided she'd have a good time with me and that would be it. I nodded and gave a half-hearted apology. She smiled and gave me a hug, got in her car and pulled out of the gravel parking lot and drove away. She didn't look back. 

I watched as she drove down Main St. and headed towards the interstate. In typical fashion my dick was telling me i had really fucked up while my head knew that it was done, definitive and permanent and that it really was the best thing for both of us. I felt a bit shit knowing what a idiot i had been the previous night, really since the time she arrived. The sun was bright and hot and as i walked back up the steps to my place the mind was already working. Which ex-girlfriend would i call next?  (to be cont.) 

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Oh bugger, I hate girls who know what's best :)