Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Wilderness Years - Xmas Comes but Once a Year pt. 3

And so we made our way towards our respective cars where i would follow behind her and into the unknown realm of the West End... following a tipsy stripper across town through the DUI hours is a lesson in stupidity. She drove as if we were going to a fire and all i kept thinking was this was a really bad idea, at times even entertaining the thought of taking a wrong turn and heading home and explaining that i lost her along the way... but my dick thought better of it and i kept pace as i took in the land marks that would hopefully help me get home when the time came. 

We drove through the 3am streets and pulled into her neighborhood, a street with a row of little townhouses, we parked and while i walked towards her she was smiling. She explained that she had to give her sitter a ride home but she only lived down the street and would be back in five minutes, i said no problem and we walked into her place. Luckily the sitter's friend was there and now there was no need for Red to give her a ride. There was a bit of commiseration among the girls as i stood in the kitchen and listened to the excited whispers and giggles while still wondering what the fuck i was doing here. 

With the sitter gone Red turned her attention back to me... she walked over and began kissing me some more, she said i should take off my coat and i did and laid it on the chair. She then asked i wanted to go upstairs, she said she needed to change and get the smell of the club off her. Being ever the gentleman i said sure. So we went up the stairs and she showed me into her room, then she checked on her son before popping back in and telling me she'd be right back as she just wanted to clean up a bit. Yeah that's no problem i said and sat back wondering what was going on. 

For a guy who ran the streets with the best of them one could say i was still a bit naive at times as i was still wondering what the whole point of this exercise was though it's obvious to anyone following along. I was always a bit amazed that women took such a shine to me, i was lost in thought wondering if i had been "picked up" so to speak and thinking it might be best to leave. It was late, i had no idea how to get fucking home, i was in a place with a woman who i knew casually from her job at a strip club and mine as a ranking hood, two occupations that often seem to overlap with each other, and now i was alone in her bedroom... for all i knew she had passed out in the bathroom and i'd be sitting her until morning. Then of course she walked back in and it dawned on me why she had brought me back. 

As she pushed open the door i stood up and turned towards her. She had changed, if one could call it that, into a baseball jersey that came just past her upper thigh and nothing else. If i had any lingering questions about what i was doing here they were swiftly answered as she hadn't even bothered to button said jersey and she walked over to me and began kissing me again while my mind swirled a bit as i thought how fucking weird this night was becoming by the second. I was supposed to be lying in Veronica's bedroom right about now but instead i was across town with one of her former co-workers who was now removing my shirt and unbuckling my belt as her baseball jersey fell to the ground... 

When i woke up there was a gray light coming in through the window and the early morning birds were chirping away, i leaned over and whispered in Red's ear that i needed to get home, she moved a little and gave a sleepy uh-huh but i can't even be sure she knew if i was a real person or she was dreaming it. I slipped out of bed, got dressed and crept down the stairs. I put on my coat and checked to make sure i had everything, i was fucking parched and needed a drink but figured it was best to get out the door on this dawning of Xmas eve, i was grinning like the cat who had so deliciously devoured the canary, i slipped into the little Geo, cranked the engine and quietly pulled away into the empty streets. I drove home by remembering landmarks and was astonished at what the mind could recall and before i knew it i was in familiar enough territory. 

Back in my hood i stopped at the local mini-mart for a large bottle of water, a lovely sausage and egg biscuit and a cup of coffee. I drove to my place and opened the door and was greeted by my friendly cats wondering where the hell i'd been all night. They rubbed up against my legs purring and happy. I drank my water and coffee, ate the biscuit, took a quick shower and then crawled into bed, exhausted but unable to sleep, wired from the past 12 hours or so... and was that really all it was? 12 hours roughly since i had left this very same apartment? Sometimes i crammed more living into half a day then some people did in a lifetime... and i liked it that way... Laying there in bed i could only laugh at what my life was like, i knew i was living rather high on the hog, the money rolling in, no shortage of women who wanted to get know me in the most carnal of ways, now if only i could find a way to quit my job while still adhering to the principles and rules i had laid out at the start... it was good to be king. 

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