Monday, September 7, 2020

The Wilderness Years - The Glimmer Twins v. 2.1

 The business was rolling. In fact it wasn't if i could move five pounds a week anymore but how fast i could move it, the count had now moved to more like between five and ten and the Weight Crew was now experiencing the Snowball Effect. They were beginning to move more each week which was doing wonders for my weekly pay packet. At this point the only real drag was having to go to my legit job hurling boxes around a warehouse. My newfound wealth meant that i was staying out later and having a bit more fun than that average bear on school nights which usually made for some interesting drives to work in the morning. There were a couple of times where i had to pull over and puke on the side of the road because i was so hungover. Why was i still dragging my sorry ass to work when i was easily making three or four times a weeks wages? Somehow i still believed it was discipline though the thoughts were creeping in that legit gigs were for squares. I was also relying on the research i had done, the observation of my mentors and the mistakes they made and what ultimately cost them. From Cowboy Dan to Hippie Jack to Cocaine Mike i knew having a job would help keep me from doing this shit 24/7 because when you got to doing this shit 24/7 you got sloppy. Somewhere in my mind the rationale was that the warehouse gig was necessary for my well-being not so much in the monetary sense but in the keeping my shit wired tight sense. 

In my off hours i made it a point to saunter into the club and hang. The Glimmer Twins and i were hanging out a bit more and i believe they sensed i was a fun guy to be around who had a knack for being able to find whatever one wanted. While i was still focused more on Lil Blonde it was hard to ignore the chemistry shared by Veronica and i, the only problem was she was still had her hoodrat boyfriend and i was still being a gentleman. One could say fucking manners are over-rated but i also knew not to piss off any pissants in case they got cheeky and dropped a dime. Not that i felt that was a viable threat but i liked to keep all my bases covered. Besides if word got out you narc-ed out anyone and your days of scoring anything in the hood were over. No one would sell you oregano. At that point your bag of blow might be all baby laxative to teach you a lesson. Still, no use making enemies when things were sailing right along. Add in the fact that i basically ran the hoodrats local and the bartenders were my biggest fans and the odds of him doing something stupid were pretty slim. 

It was around this time that some customers of mine (Disco Dave, who was soon to be exiled for being a fuck-up, and Hairdresser Chaz) had somehow managed to get their hands on a nitrous oxide connection. Large tanks of giddy gas. Since i was well established as "the man" at this point they offered one up to me and i immediately said yes. I took over to the 759 for a invite only Friday fun fest. I had mentioned this to the Glimmer Twins, told them the date and time and left it at that. Lil Blonde  did not know the joys of the hippie crack as it was dubbed but Veronica was well aware and her eyes lit up when i explained the situation. Needless to say on the appointed Friday the crew and i went at that tank as if it was our life's work to crush it in one night... there were maybe six of us on a five foot tank to give an idea of just how fucked we were about to get. 

There were 30 packs of Pabst and bong hits and music and the never ending hiss of the nitrous tank. A few of us were in the front bedroom smoking a joint and gazing out the window into the gloaming when the Glimmer Twins rolled up, tools in tow, or TIT as we used to say. Walking down the street they didn't look like the superstars of the strip club, they looked like a couple of girls from the neighborhood. The guys with them visibly nervous about the possibility of being invited in, i did the talking from the second floor window, basically telling them we couldn't let them up right now. Veronica, her boyfriend and a guy obviously brought along to try and hook up with Lil Blonde, began walking away. Lil Blonde moved closer to the window and i basically told her, that they needed to loose the baggage and when they did Veronica and her could come back. Lil Blonde explained she wanted nothing to do with the plus one and would do her best to shed the TITs and get back over. I could see the disappointment on her face because i've met few people who liked drugs and getting fucked up more than our Lil Blonde.

The party at the 759 kept right on rolling. Yes we would have liked some beautiful women to join us but we didn't need the hassle when one or both of the boys with them got their feelings hurt. The Alpha eats first as they say and let's just say the Alpha was hungry. By the time they came back, sans TITs, the tank was practically gone. Lil Blonde went right to it and gazed at it like a kid on Christmas morning, we immediately handed her a balloon and off she went. She took a hit and her smile was delicious. She immediately asked for another one and was happily obliged, moderation being a word she was completely unfamiliar with. Veronica got a balloon and did a bong hit, beers were passed out and it was all going swimmingly. Lil Blonde asked if i wanted a line, it was something i had given up since the Hippie Jack days but when a sexy little blonde asks i found it hard to say no. I then asked if it would be okay to do it off her belly, she smiled at me, handed me the gear and laid down on the bed. I shut the door so as not to be disturbed and chopped out the line somewhere between her belly button and well, you get the idea. It sounded like she was purring, i zooted the line, licked up the residue and began to plant kisses up her body until i got to her face where she put her arms around my neck and pulled me down. We were wrapped up and kissing when the door flew open. It was Veronica and the look on her face was one of both surprise and disappointment. Lil Blonde and i smiled and got up and she immediately asked for another balloon. 

I was sitting on the bed for a minute while Veronica stood in the doorway. Being ever the gentleman i said, that could have been you. In fact i'm a lot more attracted to you but since you're currently involved i'm being cool about shit. She was looking at me coyly. I got up and walked past her and as i did felt her hand on my back, i turned and we both smiled. Lil Blonde had seemed to have already forgotten the last ten minutes or so and was barreling through two balloons before practically falling down. She just kept saying over and over, "i love it, i love it." She was the latest convert to the world of nitrous balloons and when the tank finally kicked a short time later she looked like a little kid who had just let her little balloon go and was watching it float into the sky. A look of confusion and resigned sadness that her precious precious was gone. Over the course of last hour they were there i went back and forth between them. Lil Blonde not being one for intelligent conversation i spent more time talking with Veronica. It wasn't hard to see the sparks. Of course once the tank was kicked they finished their drinks, did one last bong hit, and made for the door. They had to go back and meet the TITs, this was a room full of pros and we knew how the game was played. Most of the crew were just happy to hang with strippers, i on the other hand had more elaborate plans. Plans i'd get to soon enough. 


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Foking ell kono -- what a night! God, I love these tales!