Saturday, July 25, 2020

Pandemic Da(y)ze #1 - Welcome to the Occupation

America is a raging shit show. There is no other way to put it. Orange Nero is as bumbling and inept as he is corrupt and his minions are the poster children for the second most dangerous disease known as the Dunning-Kruger. I don't take any joy every time i see that another human has exited the planet after numerous social media posts declaring that the current pandemic is a "hoax" and "not that serious." All one has to do is log in and there's another face. There was the guy bitching about masks and the 30yr old woman who went to a Covid party. I mean who the fucking hell goes to a party with the intent on catching something that has killed 144,000 plus people? Who then tweet from their ICU bed to take it seriously before they go tumbling into the void. The Darwin Awards might need a whole separate book this year specifically dedicated to Covid casualties who tossed away their life because they didn't think it was a big deal and that science wasn't real. Shit happens you know? but when you can do what you can and try to prevent that shit from happening but willingly don't i can't muster much sympathy, i can for the medical professionals who have enough on their plate without Covidiots willingly infecting themselves though. While hospitals can't turn away the sick it should be broadcast that if you willingly didn't follow the protocols that you go to the bottom of the ventilator/ecmo machine list. I'd call that being fair to those who didn't try to get this virus. 

But back to the home front. The Breadwinner's joints opened for about nine days before they shut again. The Steel City is experiencing it's worst run of days yet, triple digit infections with a few days north of 200 per day (and a recently added one over 300). Back when we were in lockdown the numbers were nowhere near this bad but yet due to a certain segment of the population (see Karen and Bo-hunks) and their grand olde party minions we are still open for business. Actually it really doesn't matter which party it is at this point the fact is America as a society and culture is a akin for the most part to a spoiled child. If we don't get what we want when we want it we throw a temper tantrum, hence the position we find ourselves in. As we all know, when it comes to the economy or people's health and well-being the economy always win. Orange Nero and his fascist ideologies are more than happy to purge the rolls of the useless eaters. Grandma? she's lived a long life, someone with underlying conditions? hell they're just a drain on the healthcare system anyway. Watching an expose on the Kids in Cages debacle, which is still going on, and anyone who thinks we have a moral or ethical standing in the world, is in a word, delusional. If ever there was a "shithole country" some of us are currently residing in it... and don't worry about leaving, our passports are pretty much worthless at this point. 

The restaurant/bar industry is barely hanging on. When i think of businesses that could use bailouts these are the ones that come to mind. And of course live music venues. Then again since it's not Wall St. the pols don't really give a fuck, these small businesses don't kick nearly the amount of cash into campaign coffers as say Goldman-Sachs shitbags, so who gives a shit if the people who built these places with their blood, sweat, and tears go under. Anyone who believes the guvment in the land of milk and honey is here to work for the people needs to put down that crack pipe, we're a plutocratic corporate oligarchy, run by the rich for the rich. We always have been. The Founding Fathers had some grand ideas but don't forget to read the fine print. That's where the commoners get the shaft. So while the Breadwinner's places are still in relatively decent shape the dark clouds are on the horizon. They have other areas of revenue streams and i've encouraged the boss to look into it. They are a well-known place that could easily place some products into grocery stores and make a fine living off the profits, an idea that their sales rep has been begging them to do for years and had they done it they'd be sitting in a much better position than they are now. Still all is not lost but with the current situation and restrictions on indoor dining and capacity it's a tough road. Revenues and incomes will take a hit, including the Breadwinner's. 

Which brings us to our hero here, the guy constantly harped on for not "contributing" any money while basically doing everything else around this joint but that. I don't need to rehash the verbal beat downs, it's all well documented, but every man has his breaking point, luckily i've got thick skin. And so it was the other day that i was once again being lectured on my worthlessness i finally told myself "fuck this." I'd like to think i'm not the only one who realizes this relationship is dead in the water but sometimes i wonder. I also know i'm sticking this out for the boyos. And so it was that i went and did what i'd been told to do but hadn't done yet, mainly sign up to be a servant, to be a professional shopper type, a service the Breadwinner actually uses (still) so as not to leave the house and risk infection even though i'm still sent out to do the shopping. To be brutally honest i'm perfectly okay with it, i'll wear my mask and it gets the boss off my ass. It's the typical gig economy job where i can make my own hours, i sign in, take the order, shop, then deliver it. Basically it's like one of my old warehouse gigs except now i get to do it at Target or Costco. Even better there's no drug test and i can listen to tunes while i shop and deliver. My card and credentials just came in the mail and once i do a little research on the web site and acclimate myself to what i need to do i'll be off and running. 

Of course there are the two sides to this coin. I can't say i'm exactly thrilled to be having to go out in public and expose myself more than i have been. I've been one of those people who try not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary and i guess you could say this is necessary but that could be debatable. On the brighter side with the Breadwinner being home there is a certain amount of tension that builds up and the fact i can now get out will help. I'll admit that there are times when it's quite obvious i don't want to be in the same room as the boss. I'm not malicious or mean i just find a reason to be somewhere else, usually under the guise of having to get something done because i'm often harangued about what needs to be done. As per my job at home i'm expected to listen and nod and not speak while the Breadwinner discusses her business and the challenges it presents but that usually always turns into a lecture on what i need to do and my perceived shortcomings in those departments hence my skills as and escape artist. I put in my ten minutes or so and then make for the nearest exit. Now i can just turn on the app and say, gotta run, have an order to fill, gotta make some money and "contribute." It'll be interesting to see how it shakes out. I'm sure i'll be in hot water if i don't schedule around the boyos practices/schedule and it's left for the boss to handle. The residual effects as i say, but no worries, we all know i'm a sucker for my boyos, they come first.  


looby said...

You've far more patience than me kono, and I admire your forebearance thus far. I think it'll do you good to get a bit of a breather outdoors, and blamelessly. I don't think she quite realises what she's got in you!

That's a hell of a lot of cases of the lergy, so I hope you're going to be wrapped up securely against it. We can't be complacent here either, but our latest daily figure (from a few days ago) for the entire West of England is eight cases.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I look forward to seeing how this new job works out. Sorry about the marriage problem, though. I always got the vibe that something was not so good, but I never saw you really make it crystal clear until this post.

On a lighter note, I love that Replacements song. It's about Westerberg's sister who was a flight attendant.

Kono said...

looby - our mishandling of the lergy is a textbook case of what not to do. Elect a clown (well not really he lost yet slid in on a technicality) get a circus. And to steal a quote from her therapist years ago, she like the idea of me more than me, that's fine, i get how it works.

Dr. Noisewater - I know there's a lot of shit to wade through here on the lounge but there are old posts out there devoted specifically to the Mats as i am a huge Mats fan and remember the day i bought my first Mats record (actually cassette) and yes i know Paul wrote that song about his big sis... a casual acquaintance of mine (a wealthy lawyer who has his own band) was surprised not to long ago when his neighbor, a guy who owns a certain indie label, brought Tommy Stinson to his house one day, guess he was in town for something and stayed with the guy and new my friend was a huge fan. Yeah i was jealous.

daisyfae said...

still catching up at the lounge after abandoning the blogosphere for several months. hoping that the new gig works out.

just back from trip to the grocery. i have the luxury of being able to go shortly after they open - although it means i have to set a fucking alarm clock, something my retired ass hates with a passion. mostly i'm finding people are being far more responsible now than they were a month or so ago. masks, distance, giving the employees space. hope the gig works out and gets the boss off your back a bit.