Friday, May 29, 2020

A Brief Treatise on Cloudcuckooland

A short treatise on the current state of Cloudcuckooland in the midst of a world pandemic. The short version, we're fucked. If ever there was a nation filled with self-righteous ass weasels it is the one i currently inhabit. How dare we give a shit about anything other than our own personal whims and wants?  A place where the Karens (apologies to all the kind and decent people named Karen but using the current nomenclature) and Bo-hunks run amok mask-less and carrying rifles and signs and screaming for a freedom they fear and do not comprehend in the slightest. Where when their faux-rally is finished they probably go into rut due to all the excitement of being able to parade around in public and proclaim their being assholes to the world and in particular to the camera and the media they pretend to loathe but secretly cream their shorts every time they see a camera. A group of knuckledraggers who proudly cheer a "morbidly obese" Orange Shitgibbon who golfs while his country burns. A Shitgibbon, who it's been most poignantly pointed out, despises his very base and wouldn't dare let them rub elbows with his majesty at one of his posh clubs, but quite enjoys their gullibility and stupidity. The "He's One of Us" crowd doesn't understand that the Orange Shitgibbon wasn't born in a trailer park but with a silver spoon inserted firmly in his ass while never working a day in his life for anything, a man-child with the disposition of a spoiled toddler who isn't intelligent enough to understand facts or reason or rational thinking but does understand the temper tantrum will satisfy his raging ego. It is a place where there is an unhealthy stream of anti-intellectualism, a place where the Karens now scream that it's "their body and don't have to wear a mask" while denying that same right when it comes to certain other things. Where if their other hero, Jesus H. Christ, was to be born to a unwed mother with brown skin he would most likely be born in a cage on the border. It is a country so rife with ignorance that people believe the words of a man with a horrendous comb-over and the speaking skills of the village idiot instead of medical experts, people who graduated at the top of their class and have studied and worked at their craft, experts doing their best to keep people safe and healthy and all the while being undermined by a fat child who cares for no one but himself. The question i pose when faced with one of the knuckledragging minions shouting is this, you don't trust the so-called experts? answer me this then Karen or Bo-hunk, next time you get on a plane, would you rather have a plumber or a pilot fly that plane? not one of them has said plumber and not one of them can recognize the contradiction in their thinking. I believe the condition is called Dunning-Kruger.

As a humanist, a quasi Rasta-Buddhist Dudeist, it's hard not feel the fist clench, to smile and say, hey what's that on your shoe? and when said Bo-hunk looks down follow with a brutal uppercut designed to do more than just knock out some teeth and yes i know violence isn't the answer but sometimes i believe it would make me feel better. Of course at that point what have i become? I begin a treacherous slide towards becoming one of the sub-human sewer slime marching around screaming like the brats they are because someone gently told them "no". And please let us not forget that this is done under the guidance and direction of a racist-in-chief who foments and stokes the embers of white privilege. Odd how when the cameras turn towards the crowd it looks like a giant loaf of Wonder Bread, about as pasty white and tasteless as one could imagine. To say it's tough being a white male in this country is an outright lie. The only thing it can be is embarrassing. When two Bo-hunks basically hunt down, threaten, accost, and then kill and innocent man because of his skin color it's fucking disgusting. Even worse is the good ole boys network that kept these two asshats from being arrested straight away. The whole system in this country is rigged. The scraps a certain conservative wealthy cabal toss to the Bo-hunks and Karens are the false belief that the color of their skin makes them special. It doesn't. When a bunch of armed Bo-hunks can storm a state capital with automatic weapons and be allowed to prance and scream and jizz their shorts in glee at being able to parade around with their shiny dicks it's a national disgrace, a disgusting display of privilege, all supported by the Karens with signs screaming slogans that the National Socialist Party would be proud of. Make no mistake, had those men been anything other than white they wouldn't have been "protesters" they'd have been "terrorists" or "criminals" and been gunned down on the spot. The boyos have been taught from the start the words of Dr. King, that you judge not on the color of one's skin but on the content of their character. They've also been taught that people of color in this country have had a very different experience in life than they have and that they should understand and respect that view. Teach humanism not racism.

But back to the stupid. I was forced to enter a store owned by the Walton family. I am not a fan of the Walton family or their businesses but due to the I-mac's love of a certain pepperoni roll i had no choice, oh my the things we do for our spawn. The state currently requires the public wear masks when entering stores. Granted i'm guessing at first chance a certain segment of the local population will be packing into bars with shitty country music on the jukebox and infecting themselves but let me not digress. There was a common theme i noticed in this box store hell. It seemed that a number of my fellow citizens would wear their mask until they entered the store and passed the Mask Police before promptly removing them. There was a mother and her two teenage daughters, there were old and young, there was a twenty-something couple, all parading around not giving a shit if they infected someone else and i'm guessing not even slightly comprehending the science behind it. The couple was particularly irritating and for some reason they were there wherever i turned, giggling and goofing and oblivious to everything in the world but themselves. I can say i tried. I thought happy thoughts, i tried reciting mantras, i took a calming breath or two (not deep ones mind you because even with a mask Jah knows what all this crowd could be carrying) but finally i snapped. While doing the self check out because i wanted away from this place as fast as possible i turned to see them at the checkout next to me. Sometimes i can't help myself. "You two are fucking idiots," i fairly snarled, they paused for a second and looked, "yeah, you two are fucking idiots, wear your fucking masks morons." Sometimes being 6'4 has it's advantages. It's not that i want to be a prick and these days i believe i'm too old to be picking fights but when it comes to common human decency i tend to get a bit pissed at those who lack it. Needless to say they both looked at me as if i was speaking a foreign language.

Back in the car i was fairly seething at the stupidity and I am the center of the Universe attitude that seems to ooze from a fairly large segment of this population. The politicians that run amok are an easy target for our ire but at the end of the day that's only because we, as a society and culture, refuse to give a shit about anything other than ourselves. When i look at the sheer number and volume of "houses of worship", those so-called essential businesses that need to open their doors but more correctly their coffers so the suckers can tithe til their teeth fall out it's disgusting. What exactly do they teach in those places with crosses and statues of Jeebus?... like many posts i started this a couple days ago, got lazy, came back and went to finish it... except in those two days i was introduced to a man named George. (to be cont.) 


looby said...

Another cliffhanger!

It's the same here kono. Queue at 2m intervals for the cameras, but once inside there are no rules.

kid said...

“To say it’s tough being a white male in this country is an outright lie. The only thing it can be is embarrassing.”

Though there should be no more to add to this dead-on bodyblow - the next point you make does need some qualification. The white males who murdered Ahmaud Arbery weren’t braying jackass Bo-Hunks living in some Frank Bill-esque ‘neck dystopia - they were “upstanding” middle class petty bourgeois whites (two were father and son). Their good old boy network included a DA who is a white woman, and the complicity of an entire selfsame class of surrounding neighbors, along with the usual suspects in that county (where I’ve lived, and where a chapter of the KKK is registered). One weapon held by one of the perps was an issued firearm from none other than the county police department, notorious for its cover-ups, which the man was “retired” with honors from.

Then again, what should we have expected after three and a half years of making hate groups normal again? Status quo ante.

White person reading: look up the hearing of Arbery’s killers that just happened on 6/4. The closing speeches of the defense are worth taking notes of, in particular the one (there were three defense attorneys) who despicably bashes out a quote from the Old Testament. This is for real, and it’s now on record.