Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who's that Gigolo on the Street? Crazy 8's is back Again.

Let us thank Jah for Gulfboot, he has magically removed the elitist censorship from the brilliance that is Kono and Gulfboot's Crazy 8's, from here on out you can go there to get all my ramblings about music, hear all the hip shit the cool kids are listening to, find obscure artists that need to be found, basically it's like Pitchfork but way fucking cooler, a Septic and a Limey prattling on about whatever catches their fancy, you'll find a link to the right i believe but before the Lounge goes all boho-bourgeois-art star-chic, we'll leave you with this glorious TOTP performance of a pregnant Neneh Cherry and two of the worst dancers ever.


daisyfae said...

i've seen some weird shit on the interwebs, but that video has me saying "what the motherfucking fuck was that?"

The Unbearable Banishment said...

"Live" my ass. That was lip synced! Every Top of the Pops clip I've ever seen has been lip synced. Boooo. Fake.

Fun fact: When I first moved to NYC, I lived in a downtown Brooklyn neighborhood called Fort Greene. I was the only white guy in my building and one of very few on the block! Famous jazz trumpeter and father of Neneh, Don Cherry, lived a few brownstones over. He seemed kinda crabby. His face was always pinched. Like he was smelling something bad.

Gulfboot Johnson said...

Fuck yeah!