Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tis the Season for a Song a Day...Jane's Addiction Three Days Live 10-11-1990 Milan, Italy

In honor of me becoming a bit more tech savvy and shit kids, you're about to get a post day with some of my favorite songs, along with the who-what-where-when-why they made the lounge, some will be obvious, some will surprise, today we have the obvious, which by the way is another brilliant song by this band but let's get to the payoff shall we...

I loved Jane's Addiction, the first version and not any version since except for the brief period when Eric Avery rejoined the band for the last tour, see back in the early 90's you may be shocked to know but i took alot of acid and mushrooms and i know some of you are out there thinking "hell i took a lot too" well you'd be fucking wrong to think you took as much as me and this is not some kind of macho boast it's just the way i preferred to spend my time, my first summer in Ocean City was in 91 and in my blindingly white room i had two posters, both black and white for some reason, one was of the VU and the other was of Jane's Addiction, Ritual de lo Habitual came out in 91 and it became something like my bible, i ate drugs and wandered streets and when i got back home i turned on this album, in fact i may have listened to side 2 of this record (Three Days-Then She Did-Of Course-Classic Girl ) more than any other record i've owned between the hours of 2am and 5am, my two favorite things to do while listening was trip or fuck or both, preferably both and when i ended my self imposed exile from females there were a more than a few who got to roll around naked with a pie-eyed boy and hear this record until the sun came up or the drugs wore off, it got to the point where people knew that if this was blasting out of the room i was most likely not alone or of course i was alone and half naked and dancing around and talking to myself, either way they didn't open the door, hell i even had sex with myself to this album and dare i say it was pretty fucking good, of course this song is everything rock and roll should be-dirty, holy, sleazy, in love, in lust, angry, beautiful, Navarro goes fucking ballistic and Stephen Perkins and Eric Avery are like a thundering beast, i've always said the thing the made Jane's so fucking good was the rhythm section, Avery was way under-appreciated as a bass player and when you listen to his bass lines you hear city streets and crashing waves and sex and drugs, you may also envision a tall, young guy in ripped up shorts and beat up vans with long, tangled brown hair, his pupils large and rimmed just slightly by a blue iris, to find him you'll have to look in the black of night or wait for the dawn and look to the shoreline, you'll see him staring at the sunrise and covered in mist, in an old, threadbare blue plaid flannel shirt... smiling.


The Unbearable Banishment said...

You have an astonishing capacity for vivid memory given the copious amount of narcotics you ingested. It make one wonder if they're as bad as they say.

Perry Farrell is not only a cracker jack musician, he's also a business genius.

WV! bands! Not kidding!

sybil law said...

Oh man, I loved Jane's Addiction. Excellent choice!
Also, it was before Dave Navarro became an annoying fuck.

nursemyra said...

"everything rock and roll should be-dirty, holy, sleazy, in love, in lust, angry, beautiful, Navarro goes fucking ballistic"

Yep, that's the way I like my music too

Kono said...

UB- Gulfboot once commented that i become more lucid that more drugs i'm on, i don't think it's for everyone believe me i just think that somehow i have the body chemistry for it... man doesn't that sound like a load of shit.

And while Perry had his day, i think the first 3 Jane's albums are brilliant (Live at XXX, Nothing's Shocking, Ritual) his music has been shit since then, though i do like the some of the first Porno for Pyros album, but you're right, as far as business goes he's a genius.

Sybil- i liked the young,smacked out Dave alot more than the reality show Dave that's for sure.

Nurse- Great minds think alike now don't they.