Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tis the Season- Day 16-Luna 23 Minutes In Brussels (Tell Me Do You Miss Me)

I highly recommend this documentary if you haven't seen it, called Tell Me Do You Miss Me, i've seen this band roughly a half dozen times, saw them in NYC and when they broke into this song i lit up a joint that looked like a cigar and blew hits through the blue light coming from the stage as all the hip New York kids stared at me like i was fucking from Mars, but there was this one day in particular where this song comes into play, i was leaving Amsterdam and heading to Brussels, the night before i had bought two pot cookies, the reason i was even going to Brussels had something to do with this song and Jean-Claude Van Damme, anyway i ate the cookies with a cup of coffee and hustled to the train station and wasn't really thinking about anything but getting to where i was going, i was on my own and got on the train and sat down and we started rolling and the train reminded me of the bass line of this song and we rolled along and i couldn't figure out why i felt so fucked up and i looked at the tulip fields and rolled past these old cities and was out of my skull when it dawned on me that i had eaten two of Amsterdam's finest cookies, from that point on this song was stuck in my head and when i stepped off the train in Brussels i was singing it and looking at the guards and their sub-machine guns and attack dogs and wandered off into the street to find my hotel, but tonight i need a drink so i'm shuffling off to the bar for a Chrimbo pint or three, cheers.


daisyfae said...

wistfully looking forward to my retirement...

sybil law said...

Sounds awesome!
Have a great Christmas, Kono!
(I really wish I had a cookie or twelve to deal with my frigging in laws tomorrow!)