Monday, October 11, 2010

A Week Off

Well just as i was cranking into high gear i decided to take a week off, the esteemed Mr. Gulfboot Johnson spent a few days at my gaff on holiday from London and the rest of the week was spent painting the downstairs portion of my house, needless to say i'm tired and compound that with my lazy and you get well not much. The photos in the last post were courtesy of Gulfboot aka the Limey and for those who don't know he's my best friend, the closest thing i have to a brother and since we hadn't seen each other in five years it was a good few days. For those of you unfamiliar with Toxic Monday Mr. Gulfboot announced on said sight that he had given up the booze so we spent our days drinking tea and walking around, gambling and the like and it was a great fucking time. Of course now that i'm back on the jack jones i'm whacked on my vitamins due to a sore shoulder from the painting so while i type this the room is spinning and i really want to lay down. Which i will do quite soon but do not fret, the bus will get us there yet and more of those bizarre Wilderness Years tales will be forthcoming. I hear a couch calling my name. cheers.


sybil law said...

What color are you painting the walls? (Yes - I am a girl.)
Go lay down! Hope your shoulder feels better.
Thank your friend for us (for the pictures)!
I am buzzed and my sentences are really suffering for it - sorry. :)

twin said...

Bro was in town & this is the 1st we're hearing of it?!? Next time I want to see you boys in the line up!

Kono said...

Sybil- the color is something Ecru, or fucking off white as i call it, looks all nice and shit though which pleases the girl and as you know, if she happ i happy.

Twin- If the line-up involved cups of tea or sitting at black jack tables we're right there, great to see my brother though.

Rassles said...

I cannot deal with white walls, nor off-white, but I support all forms of couches and gambling and liquid consumption.

Anonymous said...

And hear I was thinking I was the only one hearing the couch voices.