Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday I-mac

Four years ago today i woke up to the girl saying she kept peeing herself, it was my last big night out on the piss and a few other things popped up and i got about 3 hours of sleep before i ended up spending the rest of a ridiculously stifling hot day in the comfy confines of the hospital, went out for a sandwich during the epidural and saw Zidane place a beautiful free kick onto the foot of Terry Hon-ree and send the Samba boys packing... and then at 6:47 pm my life fucking changed, now it feels like i blinked and four years went by and let it be said i'm still a work in progress on this dad shit but i'm trying real hard kid and even though i'm your old man and i might be biased i think you're pretty fucking cool, just don't tell your moms i dropped the f-bomb kid. Dad dropped the ball on the most recent pix. Check back later.


daisyfae said...

happy birthday to you, kono. obviously, you were reborn the day the first little critter appeared!

nursemyra said...

Happy birthday Master 4

Anonymous said...

I have heard things about you Mr Kono. And so here I am, lurking.

Congratumalations on the birthing day of the ankle biter.

Kono said...

Ms. Daisy - you may have a very valid point there.

Nursie- The I-mac says thanks.

Dolce- I hope only the good things and feel free to lurk away though if you don't like the futbol i'd recommend going back into the archives cuz the last months been a bit of a wash, thanks for stopping by the lounge.

twin said...

Happy Birthday Little Big Man! I hope you asked the ol' man for a wettie & board! :)