Saturday, March 20, 2010

RIP- Alex Chilton

The only tribute needed are the lyrics to the Replacements song Alex Chilton.

If he was from Venus would he feed us with a spoon
if he was from Mars than that'd be cool
Standing right on campus would he stamp us in a file?
hanging down in Memphis all the while

And Children by the millions sing for Alex Chilton
when he comes round
they sing "i'm in love"
what's that song
Yeah i'm in love, with that song

So we will rape and pillage in the village of his choice
Invisible can sing in a visible voice
feeling like a hundred bucks, exchanging good lucks face to face
checking his stash in the trash by St. Marks place

And children by the millions sing for Alex Chilton
when he comes round and round
they sing i'm in love
what's the song?
oh, i'm in love with that song

i never travel far
without a little Big Star

Runnin round the house, Mickey Mouse and tarot cards
falling asleep with a flop pop video on
and if he was from Venus would he meet us on the moon?
if he died in Memphis than that'd be cool

and the children by the millions sing for Alex Chilton
and come around 'round
they sing, "i'm in love, what's that song?"
i'm in love, with that song
i'm in love, what' that song
yeah i'm in love, with that song


Peau said...

i am going to be crazy and pedestrian and suggest you choose your next tribute to someone alive who has a lot of potential. maybe to change you in specific; maybe he works at your local Caribou Coffee. or maybe he's a world leader who does the right thing; maybe she's a country singer who's got the lyrics that make all the sense. in any case, i challenge you to do something like that, non-maudlin as it is, because i think when you hack aside life with your word-machete you really do stumble upon flowers.

you're big and all, and maybe daunting and experienced, but you have a heart of great proportion ("and his heart grew three sizes that day") and you can't fool me.

Kono said...

Peau - this song was written 23 years before he died and Mr. Chilton was an influence on many of my favorite bands... the Replacements, the Lemonheads, early REM, to name a few...

and as for non-maudlin material i'd say there is loads on here, of course i prefer to stick closer to the bone, happy endings are for fucking hollywood and i usually trample on the flowers instead of stumbling upon them but i make sure to set them straight and re-arrange them before i leave, i have a bit of manners you know... as for adults with potential hmmm, i've never been in a Caribou Coffee, i'm all DIY and make my own or hit the local place to support my hood, world leaders are egotistical twats of very little interest to me and all the good female country singers are dead or dying though maybe i could write something about Loretta Lynn's song Sloe Gin, as for my heart i'm sure you over-estimate it, it beats for two people with blue eyes that look a lot like their daddy's, as for the rest of humanity, they'd rush over my daunting, experienced ass if the loudspeaker announced a sale of flat screen t.v.'s... or maybe i'm full of shit, a conundrum of epic proportions.

Anonymous said...

ah the Paul Westerberg connection....
(and I disagree with that comment about female country singers - Lucinda Williams is a favourite of mine)

Anonymous said...

hey kono, are you a Doll By Doll fan too?

Kono said...

You know Nurse i'm not all that familiar with them though i know Jackie Leven is hailed as a bit of a genius, do like the stuff that i've heard but you can't get it in the states, they must not have a record deal cuz it's all imports and ridiculously expensive.

twin said...

Malcolm McLaren....RIP.