Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Good News, Pavement have decided to cash in and will be going on a world tour in 2010 and being the hipster-yuppie-self hating scumbag i am i'm really hoping they come to the burgh so i don't have to drive to Cleveland to see them.

Good News, Spiritualized will re-issue Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating in Space on Nov. 16th and since we all know how much i love the Spaceman i'll be lining up early outside of Paul's CDs to pick it up, it cometh in variety of swank packages all designed to look like pills, right up my alley and will include 2 bonus discs of J. fucking with his own songs, seeing as how i'm one of the only people i know who 0wns and has listened to Complete Works Vol.s 1 and 2 i better start saving now, maybe i can cancel a therapy session to help pay for it or something. I do believe i own this on vinyl but since i lent out the record player to make room for Kid B i'll have to check. yes i'm that much of a geek.

Good News/ Bad News -- The Burgh will get to showcase itself next week when the world comes pouring in for the G-20, the bonus is i get a paid week off, the downer is i hope the friendly protester types don't trash the place and respect the small businesses if they do and target mainly well Target, Starbucks, Micky D's and the like, i'm to tired to get into the political bullshit and baggage that comes with such an event so i'll most likely stay home and clean my house while jamming tunes really loud, maybe take a nap, eat some donuts and watch the shit go down on t.v., i fall more in the MLK, Gandhi, Buddha camp where i prefer non-violent forms of protest but we all know how the mob mentality can quickly take hold and turn things ugly real fast, as the wise Jules once said, be cool Ringo.


Anonymous said...

the 'burgh rocks! one of my favorite cities... hoping the G20 offers an opportunity to show off the good stuff!

Ross Man said...

I love Pavement. Frank Black is the best!