Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm Scared

Shit man the Hipster Moped gang found out about "that" post and i think they want blood, well not real blood cuz they all be vegans, either that or some dude in Milwaukee is bored with the cheese whiz, well i say fuck it, i should've known what to expect when fucking with a moped gang, so if need be yinz can all line up outside my door and i'll cum in your face, really, for free, i won't even charge you, i believe that jizz qualifies as vegan right?


Anonymous said...

don't be scared. you could either outrun one of those weinermobiles, or kick one over if you had to... leave the little hipster on the sidewalk, grabbing his ovaries.

Anonymous said...

It only qualifies as vegan if the jizzmaster has abstained from meat too

Kono said...

dammit, i guess i'll just keep it a secret and not tell them. thanks for lookin out nursie

daisy don't worry i'd be more afraid of pack of kittens than a hipster moped gang or an anonymous poster, though it could be my one friend who left his facebook page up and since i hate social networking sites and the like i typed in "i totally need to jack off right now" so that when his "friends" checked the site it said Ginger Ninja totally needs to jack off right now, i thought it was fucking hilarious, of course the bong hits might've had something to do with that.