Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cut Copy and my future job as a male go-go dancer

So more music stuff, it's another album i dig and if you like the dancier side of New Order or are a closet Pet Shop Boys fan i think you will dig this, in fact the lead singer even sounds a bit Barney Sumner at times, of course i've always fallen toward the Peter Hook side of New Order but i can't lie i'm like a torn child stuck in my parents bitter divorce, i'm a huge fan of both, Barney i feel is a hugely underrated guitar player, his Joy Division and early New Order stuff being brilliant in my opinion and what do you say about Hooky, he's a fucking rock and roll animal... now back to Cut Copy, yes it's sounds like something you might hear in a bar full of hipsters or a gay disco and if i had to listen to it somewhere i'm leaning toward the gay disco, if for nothing more than the free drinks, in fact the old strip club right up the street from me has been renovated and re-named P-town, goodbye Anthony's Lounge, hello male go-go dancers, it's billed as the Mecca for adult entertainment in the burgh and seeing how i spent a lot of time and money in Anthony's i really feel the need to check out the new joint, in fact with the addition of Kid B i told the girl if we ever get strapped for cash i could go down and get a job as one of the dancers and earn some extra dosh, which is where this album comes in, see when i was a kid i spent most nights wed. thru sun. at clubs taking drugs and dancing, not standing around like most of the straight men but dancing my ass off and getting phone #'s and and the like and yes gasp, i've had men hit on me and yes it's flattering but no i didn't let them blow me in the bathroom even when offered money cuz as John Waters so succinctly explained in Pecker, it's not gay if they're blowing you, needless to say i've got moves and when the need strikes i can cut a rug with the best of my man loving brethren even if i'm not wearing really short, tight cut off shorts and a tight white t-shirt, needless to say while listening to this album and dusting off some of my more glamorous moves i decided, hell if need be i'm sure i could get a job at P-town and these tunes will more than help me prep for it, that said it's a damn fine dance oriented album which some might find funny from a Dinosaur Jr. loving freak like me but i like to have broad tastes, no use buying into a scene or a subculture so they can pigeon hole you and sell you shit at the mall, so in my roundabout way if you dig tapping your feet or dancing around your living room (i prefer to do it with no shirt and some Henry Rollins type gym shorts circa 1989-92... pretty sure some of my friends just puked reading that sentence) i highly recommend this groovy record.

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