Thursday, February 14, 2008

St. Valentines picking up for Trannie Hookers

Gulfboot asked the all important economic question, most likely brought on by last year's Valentimes post dealing with the lack of trannie hookers the week of said day... i'm happy to report that there was a 200% increase in Trannie ads this year on Valentines week, meaning there were 2 ads instead of 0 ads, which is till a drastic drop-off from the last few weeks where every South American trannie pornstar you could find was passing through our lovely city, so this week in government speak goes something like, "while we saw a significant increase in trannie hookers from a year ago, the trannie hooker market is still off drastically from the preceding weeks but Mr. Bernanke thinks we should see the trannie hooker market pick up shortly after Valentines weekend." Have a splendid holiday kids.

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