Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Random Notes from the Criminally Mundane

Shit shit shit, it's been a battle at the lounge lately as one small imaginary boy has decided that he will do whatever it takes to not go to sleep, it's driving me fucking crazy, it's a one long horrible struggle each night and i'm simply amazed at the amount of energy the IB has in reserve, when he puts his mind to it he may be even more stubborn than his old man and that's saying alot, by the time the screaming and fussing is over the little dude is so exhausted he literally falls down but it's the hour or so leading up to that that has daddy going utterly mad, walking out of the room muttering curses under his breathe, staring in the mirror and reciting lines from the Shining, trying to reason with a little person who isn't yet 2 and could give a rats ass about reasoning, it can make you feel real old, real fast...

the lounge would also like to thank all the people in this wonderful little sphere who have given up the game and retired from the asshat world of blogging, i enjoyed the reading and understand why you give up the game and get on with better things, unfortunately i have nothing else to do so i will continue to bore the shit out of my 2 readers by continuing with this little experiment...

it's been freezing cold, icy and i've been very high but have yet to fall on my walk in to the occupation though i have done some wicked one-legged slides and uttered strange things like "Whoooaaa" as i regained my footing, needless to say i seem to be the only person this is happening to these days...

hopefully soon will get the posts up about Mark E. Smith, the working class intellectual do-da and some other little tidbits that rattle around my mind but that will depend mainly on the Imaginary Boy and his sleeping habits, till then get the beers in.
Currently re-reading Tropic of Capricorn and am now convinced that the first 80 or so pages to be one of the greatest treatises on the American condition, fucking love old Henry.


spanish tony said...

don't go changing mate, me and Gulfboot will be there soon

spanish tony said...
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ItWasInevitable said...

Three readers.

Have you listened to Jonathan Richmond's "Not Yet Three?"


P.S. Come to Milwaukee!