Thursday, February 7, 2008

Random notes Barely above ground-- hungover version

Shit, i forgot. Oh yeah, i'm getting a bit fed up with motherfuckers who can't walk in a straight line, who weave all over the sidewalk and are oblivious to their surroundings, they bob and weave and then give me dirty looks after i pass them, it's like a fucking Nascar race or something, and if anyone should be out of it it's me cuz i'm the one who just got wasted in his car eating maple donuts and smoking mucho ganja, by this point i'm just trying to hold it together and praying i'm walking a straight line but maybe it's my beautiful half paranoid/half bliss state that i'm in makes me super aware, hmmm.

Toxic Monday is back.

Next time some 3rd world Guatemalen ref taking kickbacks from the Mexican guvment, who doesn't understand the fucking offside rule takes away a perfectly good goal from my man Clint "Chamillionaire" Dempsey i will boycott all third world beer for one week.

Mitt "the Mormon" Romney dropped out of the Presidential elections in order to go back to his 12 wives and millions of dollars, what a sad day for Hamerica, here's hoping Mitt's ego isn't to badly damaged and that he makes something of himself someday.

In honor of the Limey and the Spaniard i'm taking up red wine drinking, that is when i'm not drinking something else.

fuck this trainwreck, i'm getting stoned and going to bed.

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