Monday, January 14, 2008

Random Notes high on Cold Medicine

Winter is a such a lovely thing, what with all the shit weather and the like, one shouldn't really get drunk and stand outside smoking cigarettes while the temperature hovers in the 30's but then again some of us are not that bright, of course the imaginary boy might have something to do with this new found hack and sniffle, the boy always has kennel cough due to the wonderful world of daycare and he likes to share food with me and of course i could deny him this fun but he's such a sweet little shit i have trouble doing that... and for those wondering i didn't drink a bottle of Robitussin tonight though the thought did cross my mind, just took the old fashioned multi-cold symptom knock out pills though what i should of done was drink two Guinness and smoke a bit of that special cigarette, can't go wrong there, have stopped shaving for the time being which makes my boss nervous and i like her worried queries to see if i'm growing another beard, last winter's was such a success at pissing off loved ones and co-workers it's tempting... had many interesting ideas today but between coughs i must have forgotten them, so this is what you get, tripe, in a nutshell, the only good news is i ended up being $108 up after playing the ponies this saturday, yee-haw.

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