Tuesday, December 18, 2007


No not Mark Renton's friend from Trainspotting but the imaginary boy is down with a nasty cold and conjunctivitis or pink eye for those who don't browse WebMD, rough going especially since his daddy pulled three x-mas parties in three days, two of which had open bars, the gout-o-meter is on high alert and i'm still trying to catch up on sleep but my wicked karaoke versions of Don't Stop Believin, Video Killed the Radio Star and the group singing of Bennie and the Jets i'm sure will pop up whenever i decide to run for public office, unfortunately the old Asshat might suffer a bit until said boy gets a bit better but don't fret kids you can look forward to some wonderful posts like the Everyday Ordinary Madman and Where have all the Mark E. Smith's gone, a tiny treatise on the state of working class intellectualism and art, hmmm sounds pretentious to me but we'll just have to wait and see, so here's more Jeebus with his thumbs up cuz this picture amuses the shit out of me


Captain Spatchcock said...

Merry Xmas you great hairy ape!

spanish tony said...

yeah, merry new year big boy

Anonymous said...

And a Super Solstice too...though I am bit late.
Hope the boy gets to feeling better.
Take care, T