Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Someone get me a Fiddle

Current Headlines.... Witches Predict Ticket, who'll be on ballot in '08... Halloween costume spending soars, on pets... Electronic "Vampires" lurk in your Home...

I will now don my toga, rosin up my bow ala Chuck Daniels and light the match, this place is truly the theatre of the absurd... so for no reason at all i'll give you the last five songs that played on Modern Day Stereo.... Roadrunner-- the Modern Lovers, Sick Priest Learns to Last Forever--Destroyer, Bengali in Platforms-- Steven Patrick Morrissey, Missing Children--Okkervil River, Loose-- The Stooges... to much chocolate and the beer special just started at the Pub that's exactly 67 steps from my front door. Happy Halloween kids. Last song, Golden by My Morning Jacket, one of the first songs i ever sang to the imaginary boy, if you've never heard it i highly recommend it, it's quite simply....beautiful.

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Gulfboot Johnson said...

Romance in Durango by Bob Dylan, Get the Message by Electronic, and Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime by The Korgies for me.