Thursday, September 20, 2007

Words of Advice for Young People

Go listen to "Television, Drug of the Nation" by that band to the left, the excerpt "The Man who Taught his Asshole to Talk" by Bill Burroughs or if you find that shit just a bit to cerebral then crank up Funhouse by the Stooges, get really high and dance around the house until you are a sweaty primal mess. Then do whatever you want... fuck, eat, shit, masturbate, pierce your fucking nuts with knitting needles, burn ancient symbols into your arms, sleep.


spanish tony said...

Lar, I think its now time you slept.

Gulfboot Johnson said...

The whole Spare Ass Annie LP they did with William S. Burroughs is terrific.

Kono said...

Fuck sleep it's over-rated as means of rest, i haven't slept right all week but i'll solve that tonight when i go to Oktoberfest and get cracked out of my skull, high on life man high on life.