Sunday, March 18, 2007

Random Notes Barely Above Ground pt. 5

Nothing much happening in the world of the Lounge. Mostly trying to stay warm and high through the greater workings of chemistry. Got a kick ass mug of the cover of the Clash's London Calling album so i can look superfuckingcool when i drink my coffee.

The days of the full beard are numbered with the impending rise in temperatures known as spring.

St. Patty's day came and went and i stayed on the couch eating pills and drinking Guinness and avoiding the mass of amateur drunks who populate the bars on such a day. After drinking at the parade and through the day the number of bad soap operas that took place last night probably numbers in the thousands.

The Hold Steady play tomorrow night and i will be there, drunk and singing along. Because as we know the boys and girls of America have such a sad time together. Some people may call them a bad Springsteen cover band but to you i say fuck off. Any band that references, Nelson Algren, Kerouac, John Berryman, individual member of the Band, Neil Schoen, Nina Simone, et al may just be to fucking literate for the masses that are America.

Will be reporting back on the concert later in the week. Possible new installment of Revisionist History coming soon kids, so light up that smoke and try to look cool, dig.

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Gulfboot Johnson said...

How was the show then? Are you as rough as me after St. Patrick's? Second day of a full hangover.