Thursday, March 1, 2007

RanDom NoteS bArelY aboVe GrounD Pt. 4

Hmmm, the world's postmodern light bulb changer goes all Bill Burroughs and what's he get?
A horrible donut selection at the mini-mart, a pack of expensive cigarettes and a restless night. Oh well.

Sang The National Front Disco by Morrissey on my way into work this morning and watched people stare as they realized i wasn't wearing an i-pod.

The experiment in beard growing has been a smashing success in pissing of most of the women i know, have been refered to as: Charles Manson, Osama, Grizzly Adams, Weirdo.

Am in utter amazement at the way the Big World Bank Machine operates. If you give them cake they will lay down their lives for your cause even if that cause is doing nothing more than pushing paper. These people are like lambs being led to the slaughter and if you give them cake they will smile all the way to the slaughterhouse, cake i say cake, fucking cake, and it's not even that good, the lumpenproles never cease to amaze me but then again this is a capitalist society and the teachers lie all the time about the way the world really works, they don't explain the pyramid and why it's fatter at the bottom and it'd be no use telling these morons to read Brave New World by Huxley cuz they wouldn't get it, no pictures.

More on that at a later date. I know it's been a slow week in the Lounge kids but fear not we sleep like the mighty lion waiting for the foolish antelope.

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