Saturday, July 31, 2021

A Tale of Two Holidays (photo edition)

Since i know fuck all about how to do shit the pics are all out of order... but after fucking about i couldn't be arsed anymore... above pic, Morning Rain #1

Sunrise coffee for stoner on 15th floor... which makes one a bit paranoid when considering a building in this state had just collapsed.

View from my funky hotel porch where i regularly conversed with the lizards... including shooing one who thought it was a good idea to take massive dump right in front of the gate...


Bar lights from the porch

Funky and excellent hotel had picture somehow painted into the walls... oddly enough this was right around the corner from our room. Mozza pre shithead.

Wealth Porn tour... a riverboat that went up the intra-coastal highway and took in al the super expensive mansions and ridiculous yachts... i forget the names of the super-rich cuz fuck the super rich... this was the outlet to the Atlantic.

Pic #2 on the wall, at first i thought it was Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli... then i realized it just reminded me of my old surfer friends from FLA

Morning Rain #2... brilliant watching it slowly creep closer.


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