Sunday, June 21, 2020

Equal Rights and Justice vol. 2

So where are we now? It seems like years since the death of George Floyd yet it was only month ago. Now we meet Rayshard Brooks, gunned down in a parking lot by a cop who spent his life watching too many cop movies and who most likely never should have been a cop in the first place. Say what you want about Viceland but the programming they ran yesterday was stellar. The information put out about the plight of African-Americans in this country was disturbing, it was sad, it made me angry. The fuzz  make black neighborhoods their own personal playground when it comes to kicking in doors and terrorizing people. The story of Breonna Taylor is heartbreaking. A young woman lost her life when plain clothes officers kicked in the door unannounced and were shot at by a man defending his home. I don't own a gun but i'm pretty sure if someone kicked in my door and i had one i'd probably fire it at whoever just kicked in my door. Or swing a baseball bat or a pipe, throw a chair, something to defend myself. I believe that's called a natural reaction. If you want to see how disturbing it is check out the show and watch an actual raid. The family is devastated and traumatized. The people they were looking for didn't even live there anymore. The warrants and what they are issued for are tantamount to bullshit. Look up what it takes in most places to become a law enforcement officer in this country and you'll find it's about the same qualifications as being a mall guard. 

Watching last night jarred my stoner memory about standing on my friend's back porch one day in the lovely confines of Upper Larry-ville, we were playing foosball and drinking and had stepped out onto the porch for some air. It was a nice summer night. It was racially mixed neighborhood that was battling the disease known as gentrification. The back of his house faced an alley and the backs of the houses on the street below. Suddenly there was a loud bang and some shouting and at least a dozen militarized cops storming a house. They pulled out some kids, grandma, a woman, and two black men who were immediately cuffed. When i heard the flash grenade, deafening even where we were, i had ducked and ran into the house quicker than you could blink. My friends laughed but then we watched as the cops proceeded to ransack the house. As we stood and watched on the porch we could hear the one say they hadn't found anything. So why exactly were they kicking in the door and tossing flash grenades? The short answer: because they can. This shit needs to stop yesterday. 

Meanwhile in the world of Hegemonic White Butt Hurt the racist in chief is holding an ego party where a bunch of Karens and Bo-Hunks have all decided to congregate and scream and act up and disregard social justice and the fact there is a massive pandemic. To disregard the rules set up by their Orange Nero and his cronies about protecting oneself from this disease. Of course the Orange Shitgibbon and his bootlicker Mother Mike are busy running about and telling everyone just how great it's going and how all is well, nothing to worry about, don't forget to sign the waiver though, but hey ain't it great to be back spewing hate? While the number and the models are imperfect if it's even close to the 800-1000 new infections projected from just the ego stroke session, then all those people shuffle off back to their community and infect more people, this is a disaster, but one willingly and willfully caused by a giant toddler and his army of brats. The fact is i didn't sign that waiver nor did a lot of us and if it just so happens the muppets spread the infection about after ignoring the Orange Nero's own rules, by Orange Nero ignoring his own rules, i wonder what the liability is for that? I'm not a lawyer but if someone gets this horrendous disease and can trace it back to Covidpalooza 2020 i hope they sue. I can't say it amazes me that those who profess to love their white Jesus the most are the ones who ignore everything the guy said. Their level of selfishness and lack of compassion and kindness are not surprising. It's the modern evangelical way. In their book it's about "me" not "we". 

Of course back to the shit-stem and what do we have? The kids are doing it the right way now. They march and chant and sing and sit-in. Without the destruction and the looting the Shitgibbon and his minions don't have any ammo. They'll lie nonetheless but it takes the steam out of their campaign to demonize the people marching for change. Granted that won't change the minds of the mask-less knuckledraggers, they'll continue to find info that fits their worldview by finding their half-ass conspiracy sites and trading fantasies on the internet. But if they get crushed at the ballot box what'll they do then? 

Which brings me back to the racist in chief. As it's been documented here the Breadwinner's best friend came to the states from Ethiopia, granted asylum due to political persecution because her father had worked in the government. She became a citizen in 2006 but has lived here since she was 18 yrs. old, almost 30 years. When she didn't get her stimulus check she figured it would come soon enough. Then weeks passed. She wondered if it was lost. She called the IRS and kept being "mysteriously" cut off. When she finally reached someone who could tell her what the deal was she was upset. We should all be upset. The one guy who didn't hang up told her the deal, that the new administration had put in new rules and rescinded the old ones. She had been flagged. In order for her and her family (her husband is a white guy by the way born in the US) to get their checks she would have to produce a bunch of documents including her original birth certificate and send it to be verified and then they'd issue the check. Are you fucking kidding me!!! I'm sure this little scheme was put in place to keep "immigrants" from getting the stimulus and i can damn sure guarantee you that it affects people of color disproportionately. The guy told her he gets around 30 calls a day about it. This whole policy should disgust everyone. I'm sure the corporate oligarchs didn't have to produce a birth certificate to get their millions. I'm sure only certain countries were flagged. I'd like to see the list. 

Here's hoping the marches don't stop until the Orange Shitgibbon, Mother Mike, Tippy Turtle (see a shitbag named Mitch) and whole bunch of other enablers have been kicked to the curb and forced to face the consequences of their actions. That would be justice indeed. 

(after briefly glancing at the crowd at Covidpalooza 2020 Tulsa edition i couldn't help but laugh. The massive ego stroke, circle jerk, ritual mating of the Dunning-Kruger, turned out to be a massive let down for the Orange Shitgibbon. A half full arena, the overflow area empty and closed down, sales of propaganda gear down. Had his campaign really been interested in ratings they should have put a camera on the flight back. It would have been high comedy watching a 70-something year old man throw a massive temper tantrum, sulking around, screaming and moaning about fictitious conspiracy theories, how Obama did it or it was the Clintons, that Soros had paid all the protesters, the batshit would have had no end.  And for those who haven't seen it watch Dave Chappelle's special 8:46.)

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daisyfae said...

just when i think they can't get any shittier... wanna know something? my daughter, who moved to turkey 10 years ago, got her fucking check. didn't ask for it, hasn't paid taxes here for 10 years (although she files an annual return to stay straight with the IRS). i managed to get it deposited in her account, and she asked me to donate it to someone who needs it.

god damn these fuckmuppets. i can't wait til they're all scattering like the cockroaches that they are...